Senco PC0968 Compressor 1.5-Horsepower Review

Senco PC0968 Compressor 1.5-Horsepower Review

Senco hold more than fifty years of heritage value in the production of high quality tools at affordable price. The Senco PC0968 Air Compressor Reviews is no exception for high-quality construction that is expected from this company. The PC0968 is an entry level class contractor compressor which is known to provide reliable, long-term service. Here we have a look at exactly what makes this great offer stand out from the rest. It exceeded all expectations.


The Senco PC0968 is relatively large and heavy to look at their abilities. 38-pound weight in combination with double-tank design makes it quite compact compressor, if heavier competitors. Top-mounted handles make transport quick and convenient. It is also perfectly balanced. This ensures that moving the unit around not embarrassing or awkward to handle.


2.2 CFM at 90PSI supply is more than enough to power a single tool. Capacity does not allow you to provide a more energy efficient compressed air equipment. The PC0968 lost eighty-two seconds to reach maximum capacity of 135 PSI. Recharge time is quite fast and the duty cycle ratio of just over 75%, translating to about forty-five minutes of continuous operation.


The direct drive pump run without oil, and requires little or no maintenance. An induction motor powers the unit, providing highly efficient operations. Simply keep your compressor clean and you will be assured a long time reliable use.

Noise levels

The noise level reached a maximum of nearly 95dB. Within a few feet of it dropped to about 80dB, which is larger than normal conversation. Ear protection is recommended.

For who

The compressed Senco PC0968, 1.5-Horsepower is a perfect tool for the contractor or DIY enthusiasts who need to do in a limited work situations. If you need a quiet air compressor to run pneumatic tools lighting tasks, PC0968 will most certainly meet your needs.


  • Cold Start Valve
  • Precise Bleed Valve
  • Hoa Just 8-Amps of Power
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Low Hum In War


  • Difficult to read pressure gauge

Final Opinion

Senco supplies the PC0968 1.5 HP 2.5-Gallon Compressor and a single ΒΌ-inch coupler which provides an easy disconnection feature. This compressor does not need to be broken in and benefit from the easy assembly. It is almost ready to run straight out of the box from. Lower noise levels were found with Porter-Cable compressor, but the hum is still more significant.

For anyone looking to power a single pneumatic tools, compressors this makes a great choice. The build quality is clear. PC0968 benefits from a hard rock powder coated finish, a powerful exhaust pipe wrapped with aluminum braiding and a working body. Value for money is excellent.

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