Porter Cable DA250B 15 Ga Angle Finish Nailer

Add a closed chassis is supported when your store is on a budget means the flexibility and scope of nail length and price are all important considerations. The Porter Cable (PC) DA250B 15 Ga. finish nailer reviews meet these criteria and more. Quality, ease of use and capabilities, the PC DA250B would be very difficult to beat.

Porter Cable DA250B 15 Ga Angle Finish Nailer

The first impression

For a nail gun is capable of driving 2 ½ “stud end-Long, PC DA250B looks and feels smaller than expected. The angled magazine contributes to the appearance smallish but lightweight alloys combined with sophisticated design and production keep the overall weight down to “use it all day” rate.
Fit and finish is typical of Porter DA250B high-quality cable. Casting, machining and assembly is first rate. The slim line case cover PC DA250B good fit and can afford good protection for your investment without taking up storage space than needed.

This is a comfortable nailer for use in virtually any location.

Book a multilingual guide, a small but carefully. Clearly written text is enhanced with illustrations in line and clean image. Safety information is also provided, clearly explained and illustrated.

The kit includes PC DA250B, cases, air tool oil, manual guns and 1,000 2 “nail-long. Also, a ¼” suitable air with dust cap factory installed.

Grip and balance

Despite angular shape DA250B computer, it feels very good balance in his hand. The shape of the handle and the position of the trigger both feel comfortable. Insert rubber-like birds around the area not only reduces vibrations but also for a solid, non-slip feel even held a gun at odd angles.
The design of the grip and the balance of the PC DA250B very important to consider the rights that it drives 2 ½ “nail-long.

Driving mechanism

Channels and related hardware through which the nail is driven designs appear good and fine machining. The care that this mechanism is designed and built to explain how it can drive some unspeakable of nails without a failure. While the number of nails with this DA250B PC is still quite small, I have not had a failure with any nail gun my Porter Cable, all with design features the same basic controls. Just say trouble-free nails Porter Cable has found the driver.

A no-mar tip cell including the end of the safety pins to avoid scratching sensitive materials. When not needed, the nose can be removed and stored on the side of the magazine.

Controlling depth

To harness the power of computers DA250B, a depth control can be adjusted to be built into the drive mechanism. A finger wheel is turned a simple operation to increase or decrease the depth that the nails sank below the surface of the wood. To ensure that the adjustment remains where you put it, the wheel has detents every ¼-turn.

A few test shots in the scrap of material to work with all the things that are necessary to set the control depth. Remember to re-set the air pressure first and then make adjustments to the deep.


The DA250B PC comes with a sequential activation. That means it fires a nail each time the safety feet are pressed against the wood and the trigger is pulled. To another nail gun fire were removed, changed location, safety pins depressed and pull the trigger.

A “bump fire” switch activated from Porter Cable is available free of charge to those who needed it. This allows holding the trigger down and hit safely in wooden leg to shoot nails in rapid succession. As long as the trigger is held down, a nail shot per foot safety is “touched” on the timber.

While the regime “bump fire” might be useful for a highly skilled professionals, it has very little use for the timber industry or to work around the house. Without a specific need and experience to use it properly, “bump fire” is the best of the rest at the Porter Cable.

Jam Clearing

Clearing jams, if one ever happens, is very easy using the flip-up cover which shows the entire nail channel.

Although nail congestion appeared to be a very rare case (I’ve never had one) with Porter Cable nail gun, they build the simplest to use the clearing system in the business. On PC DA250B, a lock lever is released like to open a door to see the entire road driving. With the door open, non-standard nails can be easily extracted with a needle nose pliers, if it does not simply fall off on its own. Closures, checkpoints and ensure the process is complete.


Loading magazine is easily angled as seeing how many nails remain.

The most obvious difference between the computer and the air-powered nailers DA250B magazine that tilts up from the corner of the nose to rump of the handle. The position of the magazine does more than make it look different. Angle worked odd guns into position to drive the nail properly easier than the general mounted flat magazine.

Up to 100 nails are loaded from the back of the magazine, pushing forward through a retention spring and then take the pull back in order to maintain the pressure on them. Subordinates have buttons on either side of the magazine to make the operation easier regardless of your hands it is in.

The sides of the magazine “window” opened to allow the dust to fall off rather than polluting activities, plus you can see how many nails remained at a glance.

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