Bostitch F33PT Framing Nailer

The Bostitch F33PT framing nailer is a 33-degree paper tape framer that can be easily converted into a nailer metal connection in seconds. This capability is derived from the first change it.

Bostitch is a global manufacturer of nailers, air compressors and accessories used in construction, industrial application and Office.

F33pt nail gun is among the most powerful editor of its kind.

This Bostitch framing nailer reviews hoping to look at the features and specifications of Bostitch F33PT while analyzing the good and bad aspects of it before ending with a brief statement of our thoughts about the stud frames.

Bostitch F33PT framing nailer

Features of Bostitch F33PT

  • Seven Year Warranty: The F33PT comes with a great warranty lasts for seven years.
  • Two in One Nailer: The Bostitch F33PT comes with two interchangeable nosepieces are making it possible to switch from paper tape to connect the frame metal.
  • Push Button Guide adjustable depth: this patent button is designed to select the desired depth of the nail to make it easy for the user to select the preferred deep drive for accuracy and ease of use.
  • Reliability: Nail Bostitch made from lightweight magnesium that makes this device highly durable. This continues to be underpinned by the protection of the guarantee should be fixed before the expiration of the warranty 7 years after the initial purchase.
  • Extraordinary Power Driving: Irrespective of how the wood is difficult applications, confident that the driving speed of 1050 frames in nail / ibs, nothing can be beyond your framing nailer.
  • Measurement Tool: It comes with a 16 inch indicators used to determine the exact distance between studs in a matter of seconds. This does away with the need of a tape measure.
  • Size and weight: This frame measures approximately 23 x nail 16 x 6 inches. It weighs about 8.8 pounds of nails.
  • Evaluation and capacity: The nail frame nailer and a stationary air is electric.
  • Accessories: This frame comes with nails interchangeable nosepieces to replace nail nailer from paper to metal tacks.

Advantage and disadvantages


  • Very flexible tool, for different applications. Nail this frame is likely to be used in many different ways and the ability to adapt to the needs of end users.
  • Excellent electric drive. With special driving speeds up to 1050 in the / ibs, you can be sure that the most difficult of all your activities are within the limits of your nailer.
  • Able swap from paper tape nails connecting metal stud frame in seconds.


  • Frequent jams. The frame nailer is known to frequent congestion affecting its productivity and efficiency.
  • Nails 33 degrees are generally a little harder to find. This is because usually within 20-22 degrees nailers.
  • Quite heavy for partners of its genre. Compared with its competitors stud frame is quite heavy, making it difficult to be transferred to and from the job site.


The Bostitch F33PT framing nailer being an flexibility and reliability can not be over emphasized. It was built to cater for its versatile applications, including the installation of metal connections, frame, timber repairs to masonry.bostitch f33pt
This framework also own nails longevity. The frame nailer comes with guaranteed protection for 7 years.

However, the rarity of nails 33 degrees and its severity, and its ability to frequent jamming poses little problem.

Therefore, I am willing to give the Nailer a total score of 4 out of 5. Besides small sound, Bostitch F33PT is definitely a good buy.

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